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Case Studies

Commercial Fixed Wireless Links

Mariani Landscaping

Wonderwave Wireless provided a redundant full duplex wireless radio solution to connect their remote offices to their main internet connection. Mariani was able to eliminate the unnecessary expense of a T-1 connection.

White Sands Beach Resort

Wonderwave Wireless provided a manageable wireless network for staff and the guests that visit the popular vacation resort on Anna Maria Island. Upgraded speed, back-up battery power and remote connections allows resort staff to monitor guests securely 24x7.

Sanctuary Apartments of Lake Villa

The Sanctuary prides itself on providing a healthy lifestyle for it's residents. Wonderwave Wireless provided a wireless system and hotspot for administration staff and their guests.

McHenry County Conservation District

Wonderwave Wireless provided multiple high speed internet connections for remote locations when no other phone, cable or internet company could. This eliminated the need for costly alternatives, and allows MCCD to manage their resources more effectively.

Contact Wonderwave

Wonderwave Wireless provides custom fixed wireless radio solutions including VPN, Monitoring and Security. We do not sell residential or business internet access.

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